As a clothing brand of the 21st century; Sunna Studios is acutely aware of our responsibility to incorporate sustainable practices throughout all areas of our business, knowing the positive impact these actions can have on both people and planet. We aim to redefine the value of what we wear through transparency of these sustainable practices and hope that in doing so we change the perceptions and expectations of what a garments ‘typical’ life span is. 

Our commitment to sustainability and love of good aesthetic defines our design philosophy; Sunna Studios intentionally creates thoughtful basics made for comfort and made to make you feel good. These are pieces designed to transcend time and seasons; due to their ‘basic’ style and fit, quality fibres and sound garment construction. We aim for Sunna pieces to forever be relevant whether in service to you or someone else.


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 Sunna Studios uses only certified organic, natural and recycled fibres throughout all collections. We eliminate fabric waste by ensuring all of our knit collections are fully fashioned; this is where yarn is knitted together to construct each individual piece of the garment and these pieces are then knitted together at the seams. The process between our hand knits and commercial knits is essentially the same but our commercial knits are made by machine. 

Sunna Studios does not work within the fashion industries standard seasonal drops. We do not offer any consistent holiday or end of season sales as we do not believe the value of our garments drop or change at these times.

natural dyed textiles | plant dyes | natural dyeing | baby clothes



All wool used by Sunna Studios is NZ grown and processed by family owned farms. We offer two types of yarn in our hand knit collections. These are merino and silky corriedale. The properties of these are essentially the same, however you will notice a difference between our two corriedale yarns; as they are sourced from different farms, one lot has been naturally dyed while the other is undyed giving it a bit more texture. 

Wool is a natural textile fabric that is renowned for regulating body temperature making it one of the best fibres for baby and children’s clothing. It has the ability to provide warmth without overheating and keeps skin dry by drawing sweat away, it is also known to have positive effects on heart rate, relaxation and sleep time. Merino in particular is highly suitable for children with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. Wool has numerous other natural qualities; it is highly breathable, durable, fire resistant, entirely natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Organic Cotton 

All of our organic cotton is GOTS certified and sourced from China. Cotton is a natural fibre that wears and washes well. It is durable, breathable and absorbent and is great for sensitive skin and allergies. It doesn't retain odours which means it can be worn longer before needing to be washed and it’s soft and stretchy making it super comfy and ideal for everyday wear. 

We have chosen to work with organic cotton to support and conserve eco-systems, healthy soils, water supplies and people. Free of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and grown naturally, it has substantial benefits over the long term and is a must when thinking about textile sustainability and the future for both people and our planet. 

*Less than one percent of all cotton grown is organic.

natural dyed textiles | plant dyes | natural dyeing | baby clothes


In the textile and clothing industry, dyes are the most detrimental to our environment.  So for us, it was important that all of our products be either naturally dyed, eco dyed and where possible un-dyed.

Natural Dyes 

Natural dyes are like their name suggests, all natural. The process is slow; raw materials are harvested from plants; their leaves, bark and roots which give a diversity of earthy colours, natural shades and warm tones that get better with age. In terms of dyes; they are the safest and least toxic for your skin and health.

Eco Dyes

The majority of our pieces are dyed using low impact dyes, commonly known as eco dyes. They have a higher absorption rate and require less rinsing so when dyeing bulk fabric or yarn it can save up to 20% more water then when bulk dyeing with natural dyes. All dyes used in our collections are OEKO TEX certified which means they are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. 


Of course undyed pieces are the most sustainable option, creating no water waste. For babies with highly sensitive skin these are the pieces we would recommend, as they are entirely natural and toxin free. 


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Keeping in line with our values and our commitment to sustainability, we are working hard towards ensuring that all of our product packaging is either recyclable or compostable. 

We decided to use NZ based company; Better Packaging to supply our courier mailers. These are made from corn starch (PLA), with a synthetic polymer (PBAT) this gives the bags their flexibility but also ensures they break down within the required certification time. 

This combination of materials represent a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics, is non toxic and contains on Phthalate or Bisophenol A (BPA) 

Our tissue paper, stickers and packaging cards are made through noissue. Another sustainable focused company who create using compostable and recycled materials. They also contribute to global reforestation, planting trees in areas of need for every order placed. 


We are constantly looking at ways to improve our ecological footprint and you can trust that Sunna is manufacturing clothing and goods consciously.