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  At sunna we are soaking up mother nature's endless gifts; our products are naturally dyed in our studio using 100% natural extracts from plants, enjoy our clothes more knowing they are good for you and good for the earth.


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Natural dyeing has a long history, methods that were used then are still used today; a process that we know is kind to nature and one proven to last generations. All of our dye extracts and ingredients are 100% natural, supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice of creating colour that is safe to wear on our skin and feels better on our bodies.


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The wonder of natural dyeing is the never ending diversity of earthy colours, natural shades and warm tones. It is near impossible to replicate exact colours allowing the creation of something truely unique, individual and beautiful every time. 


natural dyed textiles | plant dyes | natural dyeing | baby clothes


To care for your naturally dyed products we recommend using a ph neutral laundry detergent ideally for wool and or delicates, harsh chemicals in detergents and softners can speed up and potentially remove colour fastness. If using powdered detergent dissolve it in water before adding it to your wash cycle. Turn garments inside out and wash on a cold, delicate cycle. Sunlight will effect colour so dry in the shade.


natural dyed textiles | plant dyes | natural dyeing | baby clothes


Please note that in some instances because of the natural process slight imperfections such as small colour runs or fading in areas can occur. 

Our operation is small and slow, we take a lot of care to produce quality products for you. dyed by us in our little studio in helensville, we hope you can feel the love that's put into each piece, thank you for choosing to support and embrace natural dyeing for a greener environment.


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