About Us

Sunna Studios is a premium lifestyle brand; creating thoughtful, 'feel good' basics that inspire, guide and motivate conscious consumerism.

Our capsule collections transcend seasons and time; our clothing is designed for high comfort, longevity and every day wear. These are pieces that are versatile and inherently relevant, fitting seamlessly into any wardrobe. 

Inspired always by the sun (sunna) and empowered by our responsibility to look after Earth, we are committed to sustainability in all areas of our business. At the forefront of this is the production of our goods, which are made ethically using organic and natural fibres. 

Sunna Studios was founded by sister duo Elise and Brooke in 2018; who are determined to create positive change through their choices, aiming to redefine the value of what we wear. Drawing on their backgrounds in the arts, fashion, photography and sustainability, they celebrate beauty in all forms. 

Based in NZ and standing proudly in the slow lane.