Hello :)

Sunna Studios is a collection of sustainably dyed, organic and ethically made childrenswear and goods. Our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with an emphasis on texture and earthy tones. Pieces are designed to be well worn and well loved, basics that can mix and match seamlessly into the wardrobe helping to encourage better fashion habits.

Our studio sits in a small town in New Zealand on the outskirts of Auckland, where we are immersed in a slower lifestyle, a creative community and green surroundings. It is here we dream up our collections and naturally dye a selection of pieces using plant based materials. Living consciously and looking after our home; Earth is very important to us and it is so gratifying to be creating clothing the ‘right’ way. 

Inspired by the sun (sunna) our goods are all natural and are made with quality fabrics that are good for our children and our future. We stand proudly in the slow lane - something we think is worth appreciating. 

Buy less and buy well.